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Welcome to Life Balance Clinic


In Life Balance Clinic we have developed an integrated and complete approach to ultimate health and wellness called the “Life in Balance” program. We can not only make you healthy, but also teach you how to preserve and maintain your health and live a life in balance.

We are not here to offer you a quick fix pill; we are here to provide guidance on the root cause of your health issues. In our clinic, we believe that any health issue needs to be addressed on all three levels of mind, body and spirit. As curious natural health practitioners, we have studied everything under the sun and have learned techniques and treatments that are truly amazing. We've seen patients who have struggled for an entire lifetime with some health issues only to overcome them after several sessions and a treatment program developed in Life Balance Clinic. We had tremendous success with our patients simply by helping them make a few natural lifestyle changes.


The Life In Balance Program

Life In Balance Program consists of the following elements:

The first part is evalutation. The goal of this part is to determine the ultimate road to one's health. Click on the links below to read the description of each stage:

The second part is re-directing - that is, bringing one into balance, which involves focusing on the spine, diet correction, restoration of mineral and vitamin balance, correcting emotional imbalance, and acupuncture.
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The third part consists of coaching the person to more consciously approach his/her health and helping him deal more independently with his health.

The “Life in Balance” program is not only for sick people, but also those who are healthy. It can help sustain and safeguard your body’s individual balance. Of course, we also work with serious chronic conditions such as spine and joint disability, headaches, indigestion, allergies, chronic tiredness, weight issues, impotence and a diminished immune system. Our approach has already been proven to be effective.


“My health became so much better! The pain in my leg that constantly bothered me completely disappeared. I became more patient and calm. One month of treatment is like a real miracle.”

L. P.

“The “Life in Balance” program is a unique program that helped me to look at myself from the inside and understand what my body really needs.”

V. C.

“This program restored the hope that I could life without pain.”

I. S.

“Your office is like a treasure chest of miracles, because here they really know how treat one, not only with great professionalism, but also with a warm heart.”

A. V.

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